XP Power Reference List

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XP Power Model Number = IPD Model Number
XP Power Part Vs IPD Part (Integrated Power Designs)
XP Part Number IPD Part Number Datasheet
PF150PM41 CE-150-4001
PF150PM42 CE-150-4002
PF150PM43 CE-150-4003
PF150PM44 CE-150-4004
PF150PM45 CE-150-4005
PF150PM46 CE-150-4006
PF150PM47 CE-150-4007
PF150PM11 CE-150-4101
PF150PM12 CE-150-4102
PF150PM31 CE-150-3001
PF150PM32 CE-150-3002
PF150PM21 CE-150-2001
PF150PM22 CE-150-2002
PF150PM23 CE-150-2003
PF150PM01 CE-150-2101
PF150PS03 CE-150-1001
PF150PS05 CE-150-1002
PF150PS12 CE-150-1003
PF150PS15 CE-150-1004
PF150PS24 CE-150-1005
PF150PS28 CE-150-1006
PF150PS48 CE-150-1007



PF225PM42 CE-225-4002
PF225PM43 CE-225-4003
PF225PM44 CE-225-4004
PF225PM45 CE-225-4005
PF225PM46 CE-225-4006
PF225PM47 CE-225-4007
PF225PM11 CE-225-4101
PF225PM12 CE-225-4102
PF225PM31 CE-225-3001
PF225PM32 CE-225-3002
PF225PM21 CE-225-2001
PF225PM22 CE-225-2002
PF225PM23 CE-225-2003
PF225PM01 CE-225-2101
PF222PS03 CE-225-1001
PF225PS05 CE-225-1002
PF225PS12 CE-225-1003
PF225PS15 CE-225-1004
PF225PS24 CE-225-1005
PF225PS28 CE-225-1006
PF225PS48 CE-225-1007



PF300PM52-C CE-300-5002
PF300PM53-C CE-300-5003
PF300PM54-C CE-300-5004
PF300PM55-C CE-300-5005
PF300PM56-C CE-300-5006
PF300PM58-C CE-300-5012
PF300PM41-C CE-300-4001
PF300PM42-C CE-300-4002
PF300PM43-C CE-300-4003
PF300PM44-C CE-300-4004
PF300PM45-C CE-300-4005
PF300PM46-C CE-300-4006
PF300PM31-C CE-300-3001
PF300PM32-C CE-300-3002
PF300PM33-C CE-300-3003
PF300PM34-C CE-300-3004
PF300PM21-C CE-300-2001
PF300PM22-C CE-300-2002
PF300PM23-C CE-300-2003
PF300PM24-C CE-300-2004
PF300PS05-C CE-300-1001
PF300PS12-C CE-300-1002
PF300PS15-C CE-300-1003
PF300PS24-C CE-300-1004



PSR25US05 SRP-25-1002
PSR25US12 SRP-25-1003
PSR25US15 SRP-25-1004
PSR25US24 SRP-25-1005
PSR25US48  SRP-25-1006
PSR25UM21 SRP-25-2001
PSR25UM22   SRP-25-2002
PSR25UM23 SRP-25-2003
PSR25UM24   SRP-25-2004
PSR25UM25  SRP-25-2005
PSR25UM31 SRP-25-3001
PSR25UM32  SRP-25-3002



PSR40US05-A  SRP-40A-1002
PSR40US12-A  SRP-40A-1003
PSR40US15-A  SRP-40A-1004
PSR40US24-A  SRP-40A-1005
PSR40US48-A  SRP-40A-1006
PSR40UM21-A SRP-40A-2001
PSR40UM22-A SRP-40A-2002
PSR40UM23-A SRP-40A-2003
PSR40UM24-A SRP-40A-2004
PSR40UM25-A SRP-40A-2005
PSR40UM31-A SRP-40A-3001
PSR40UM32-A SRP-40A-3002
PSR40UM41-A SRP-40A-4001
PSR40UM42-A SRP-40A-4002
PSR40UM43-A SRP-40A-4003
PSR40UM44-A SRP-40A-4004
PSR40UM45-A SRP-40A-4005
PSR40UM46-A SRP-40A-4006



PSR100UM42  SRP-100-4002
PSR100UM43  SRP-100-4003
PSR100UM44 SRP-100-4004
PSR100UM31 SRP-100-3001
PSR100UM32 SRP-100-3002



RLM70PQ42  REL-70-4002
RLM70PQ43  REL-70-4003
RLM70PQ44 REL-70-4004
RLM70PQ45   REL-70-4005
RLM70PQ46   REL-70-4006
RLM70PQ47 REL-70-4007
RLM70PT31   REL-70-3001
RLM70PT32   REL-70-3002
RLM70PD21   REL-70-2001
RLM70PD22   REL-70-2002
RLM70PD23  REL-70-2003
RLM70PD24 REL-70-2004
RLM70PD25   REL-70-2005
RLM70PS2V5 REL-70-1001
RLM70PS3V3 REL-70-1002
RLM70PS05   REL-70-1003
RLM70PS12  REL-70-1004
RLM70PS15  REL-70-1005
RLM70PS24  REL-70-1006
RLM70PS28  REL-70-1007
RLM70PS48  REL-70-1008



RLM110PQ42  REL-110-4002
RLM110PQ43  REL-110-4003
RLM110PQ44  REL-110-4004
RLM110PQ45  REL-110-4005
RLM110PQ46  REL-110-4006
RLM110PQ47  REL-110-4007
RLM110PT31 REL-110-3001
RLM110PT32   REL-110-3002
RLM110PD21 REL-110-2001
RLM110PD22  REL-110-2002
RLM110PD23  REL-110-2003
RLM110PD24 REL-110-2004
RLM110PD25 REL-110-2005
RLM110PS2V5 REL-110-1001
RLM110PS3V3 REL-110-1002
RLM110PS05  REL-110-1003
RLM110PS12 REL-110-1004
RLM110PS15  REL-110-1005
RLM110PS24 REL-110-1006
RLM110PS28  REL-110-1007
RLM110PS48  REL-110-1008



RLM150PQ42  REL-150-4002
RLM150PQ43  REL-150-4003
RLM150PQ44  REL-150-4004
RLM150PQ45  REL-150-4005
RLM150PQ46  REL-150-4006
RLM150PQ47  REL-150-4007
RLM150PT31 REL-150-3001
RLM150PT32   REL-150-3002
RLM150PD21 REL-150-2001
RLM150PD22  REL-150-2002
RLM150PD23  REL-150-2003
RLM150PD24 REL-150-2004
RLM150PD25 REL-150-2005
RLM150PS2V5 REL-150-1001
RLM150PS3V3 REL-150-1002
RLM150PS05  REL-150-1003
RLM150PS12 REL-150-1004
RLM150PS15  REL-150-1005
RLM150PS24 REL-150-1006
RLM150PS28  REL-150-1007
RLM150PS48  REL-140-1008



RLM185PQ42  REL-185-4002
RLM185PQ43  REL-185-4003
RLM185PQ44  REL-185-4004
RLM185PQ45  REL-185-4005
RLM185PQ46  REL-185-4006
RLM185PQ47  REL-185-4007
RLM185PT31 REL-185-3001
RLM185PT32   REL-185-3002
RLM185PD21 REL-185-2001
RLM185PD22  REL-185-2002
RLM185PD23  REL-185-2003
RLM185PD24 REL-185-2004
RLM185PD25 REL-185-2005
RLM185PS2V5 REL-185-1001
RLM185PS3V3 REL-185-1002
RLM185PS05  REL-185-1003
RLM185PS12 REL-185-1004
RLM185PS15  REL-185-1005
RLM185PS24 REL-185-1006
RLM185PS28  REL-185-1007
RLM185PS48  REL-185-1008



WSR45UM42 SRW-45-4002
WSR45UM43  SRW-45-4003
WSR45UM44  SRW-45-4004
WSR45UM45  SRW-45-4005
WSR45UM46  SRW-45-4006
WSR45UM47  SRW-45-4007
WSR45UM48 SRW-45-4008
WSR45UM49  SRW-45-4009
WSR45UM410 SRW-45-4010
WSR45UM411 SRW-45-4011
WSR45UM412 SRW-45-4012
WSR45UM31  SRW-45-3001
WSR45UM32 SRW-45-3002
WSR45UM33  SRW-45-3003
WSR45UM34 SRW-45-3004
WSR45UM35  SRW-45-3005
WSR45UM36  SRW-45-3006
WSR45UM21  SRW-45-2001
WSR45UM22  SRW-45-2002
WSR45UM23  SRW-45-2003
WSR45UM24 SRW-45-2004
WSR45UM25  SRW-45-2005
WSR45UM27  SRW-45-2007
WSR45UM28  SRW-45-2008
WSR45US05   SRW-45-1001
WSR45US12   SRW-45-1002
WSR45US15  SRW-45-1003
WSR45US24   SRW-45-1004



WSR65UM42 SRW-65-4002
WSR65UM43 SRW-65-4003
WSR65UM44  SRW-65-4004
WSR65UM45  SRW-65-4005
WSR65UM46 SRW-65-4006
WSR65UM47 SRW-65-4007
WSR65UM48 SRW-65-4008
WSR65UM49  SRW-65-4009
WSR65UM413 SRW-65-4103
WSR65UM414 SRW-65-4104
WSR65UM31  SRW-65-3001
WSR65UM32 SRW-65-3002
WSR65UM33  SRW-65-3003
WSR65UM34  SRW-65-3004
WSR65UM35  SRW-65-3005
WSR65UM21  SRW-65-2001
WSR65UM22  SRW-65-2002
WSR65UM23  SRW-65-2003
WSR65UM24  SRW-65-2004
WSR65UM25  SRW-65-2005
WSR65UM26  SRW-65-2006
WSR65UM28  SRW-65-2008
WSR65US05   SRW-65-1001
WSR65US12  SRW-65-1002
WSR65US15   SRW-65-1003
WSR65US24   SRW-65-1004



WSR100UM42 SRW-100-4002
WSR100UM43 SRW-100-4003
WSR100UM44 SRW-100-4004
WSR100UM45 SRW-100-4005
WSR100UM46 SRW-100-4006
WSR100UM47 SRW-100-4007
WSR100UM48 SRW-100-4008
WSR100UM49 SRW-100-4009
WSR100UM31 SRW-100-3001
WSR100UM32 SRW-100-3002
WSR100UM33 SRW-100-3003
WSR100UM34 SRW-100-3004
WSR100UM21 SRW-100-2001
WSR100UM22 SRW-100-2002
WSR100US03 SRW-100-1001
WSR100US05 SRW-100-1002
WSR100US12 SRW-100-1003
WSR100US15 SRW-100-1004
WSR100US24 SRW-100-1005
WSR100US28 SRW-100-1006
WSR100US48 SRW-100-1007
WSR100US40 SRW-100-1008

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