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CFB600W-110S-CMFD Series, 600 Watt DC-DC Converter

Fully Enclosed

Rail Approved


  • 600W Isolated Output
  • Efficiency to 88%
  • Regulated Outputs
  • Remote On/Off
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Over Voltage/Current Protection
  • Build-In EMI Filter
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection
  • Shock & Vibration Meets EN50155 (EN61373)
  • Safety Meets UL60950-1, EN60950-1, and IEC60950-1
  • UL60950-1 2nd (Basic Insulation) Approval for DC Modules
  • Meets EN50155:2007 for EMC, Environmental and Characteristic
  • Fire & Smoke Meet EN45545-2

Models and Ratings

ModelInput VDCOutput VDCOutput CurrentSize
CFB600W-110S12-CMFD43~160 Volts12 Volts50 Amps240 x 110 x 42mm
CFB600W-110S24-CMFD43~160 Volts24 Volts25 Amps240 x 110 x 42mm
CFB600W-110S28-CMFD43~160 Volts28 Volts21.4 Amps240 x 110 x 42mm
CFB600W-110S48-CMFD43~160 Volts48 Volts12.5 Amps240 x 110 x 42mm

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